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The Meaning of the La Salette Message

THE MEANING OF THE LA SALETTE MESSAGE An apparition does not form part of the deposit of Faith. Rather it is a supernatural sign needing to be discerned. We are free to accept or reject it but in any case what is needed is sufficient information on which to base a sound judgment and an enlightened faith. Such is the end which the Church has in view when a bishop affirms that an apparition reported to have t ...

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The Message of La Salette

The Message of  La Salette – 19 September 1846 A GLOBE OF FIRE On the mountain near a little fountain the two children lay down on the grass and fell asleep. How long their slumber lasted is not certain - half an hour perhaps, or three quarters of an hour or possibly more. In any case Melanie suddenly awoke and called Maximin: "Memin, Memin, let us go and find our cows, I cannot see them anywhere." Of cours ...

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